Kawainui Marsh Master Plan Update

We just received an update from Hawaii State Department of Land & Natural Resources on the Kawainui Marsh Master Plan.  According to the letter, a draft master plan report will be released to the public for review on May 16, 2014, and there will be a 30-day comment period on that draft.  The letter also said that an Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice is scheduled to be published in late summer that will provide the community with additional opportunities to review and comment on the project.  For more information, please contact David Smith of the State DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife at 973-9788.



Rah for the 2014 Legislative Roadshow!

Rep.  Thielen explains how government works to Kalaheo High School students as part of her annual interactive Legislative Roadshow.

Kids do say the cutest things…especially about the Legislative Roadshow! “I learned that there is no clapping after testimony or else you get kicked out.” “Hi! I am the kid with the glasses and cast. I learned that testimonies are presented and not just sent in and read.” “It was really cool that you came […]

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2014 Energy/PV Bills Still Alive at Crossover!

heco-solar (2)

Rep. Thielen introduced and supported several different bills relating to energy, HECO, the grid, and photovoltaic this legislative session.  There are three important pieces of legislation which have survived the legislative process.  These three bills are HB1999, HB1943/SB2656, and HB2618. HB1943/SB2656: Requires the public utilities commission to adopt rules for improved accessibility to connect to the Hawaii electric […]

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Be Prepared for Sea Level Rise!

Sea level rise and climate change is not a disaster movie in the making, but a real life calamity playing out in dozens of island states around the world. No longer can we theorize “what if”.  Our challenge today is “how do we prepare”? We need a plan, a plan which is practical, possible and […]

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Rah! Hemp for Hawaii!

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, The United States Senate approved the Agriculture Act of 2014, also known as the “Farm Bill,” which includes legalization of industrial hemp for research purposes. The Farm Bill states that industrial hemp may be grown for the purpose of state university or state Agriculture Department research without Drug Enforcement Administration permission. Ten […]

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2014: Stopping Crime is Top Legislative Priority

With the alarming rise in property crime and the recent violent stabbing of a Kailua man, crime control is one of my primary concerns this Legislative Session. On the House side, I am introducing and supporting measures which will battle crime and help keep our neighborhoods safe. In 2012, property crime accounted for approximately 93% […]

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Saving the Sand Dunes

Rep. Thielen drafted and cosponsored House Bill 1537 which would require the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to administer a permit program for grading and grubbing within shoreline areas of the state with established penalties for offenders. House Bill 1537 directly addresses the fact that Hawaii’s current regulations for coastal construction projects do not […]

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