Historic Hemp Bill Signed in Hawaii

Legislators from both the House and Senate met in the Govenor's office to officially sign the "hemp bill" into law.

Legislators from both the House and Senate met in the Governor’s office to officially sign the “hemp bill” into law.

History was made in Hawaii on April 30, 2014 when Governor Abercrombie signed into law Act 56, which provides for the University of Hawai’i at Manoa to conduct an industrial hemp research project. With over 25,000 uses, this non-hallucinogenic agricultural crop can be used to for everything from clothing to building products. Billions of dollars of hemp products are imported into the United States, and to bring these profits home would be a tremendous boon for Hawaii’s struggling agricultural industry.

Representative Thielen said, “With its ability to cleanse the soil of toxins, industrial hemp would be an environmentally friendly replacement for sugar and pineapple. Hemp is often grown without pesticides or herbicides due to its natural ability to ward off unwanted insects and weeds. And hemp’s potential as a biofuel feedstock could be a game-changer for Hawaii.”

Currently, twenty-three states, including Hawaii, are now preparing to grow hemp in some type of research project. The potential for our state, not only in terms of revitalizing our agricultural lands through remediation, but in introducing a new and profitable crop, is limitless.   For over two decades Rep. Thielen has been a strong and persistent advocate for increasing Hawaii’s sustainability and economic stability through hemp production. This first step towards bringing a unique and profitable business to our state is long-awaited and much-needed.

2014 End Of Session Legislative Report

Every year, Rep. Thielen sends her constituents a detailed Legislative Report as a wrap up to the legislative session.  This year’s report, which contains legislative “Winners & Losers” can be found here.

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HECO’s outdated business model slows Hawaii’s move to clean energy

(The following Guest Editorial by Rep. Thielen appeared in  Pacific Business News in April, 2014) Hawaiian Electric Company is a speed bump on Hawaii’s road to powering with 100 percent green energy by 2050. In September 2013, HECO put on the brakes by implementing a new solar integration policy requiring its approval before customers install PV systems. […]

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Kawainui Marsh Master Plan Update

We just received an update from Hawaii State Department of Land & Natural Resources on the Kawainui Marsh Master Plan.  According to the letter, a draft master plan report will be released to the public for review on May 16, 2014, and there will be a 30-day comment period on that draft.  The letter also said that […]

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Rah for the 2014 Legislative Roadshow!

Rep.  Thielen explains how government works to Kalaheo High School students as part of her annual interactive Legislative Roadshow.

Kids do say the cutest things…especially about the Legislative Roadshow! “I learned that there is no clapping after testimony or else you get kicked out.” “Hi! I am the kid with the glasses and cast. I learned that testimonies are presented and not just sent in and read.” “It was really cool that you came […]

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Be Prepared for Sea Level Rise!

Sea level rise and climate change is not a disaster movie in the making, but a real life calamity playing out in dozens of island states around the world. No longer can we theorize “what if”.  Our challenge today is “how do we prepare”? We need a plan, a plan which is practical, possible and […]

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Rah! Hemp for Hawaii!

Session announcement of Farm Bill Passing Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, The United States Senate approved the Agriculture Act of 2014, also known as the “Farm Bill,” which includes legalization of industrial hemp for research purposes. The Farm Bill states that industrial hemp may be grown for the purpose of state university or state Agriculture Department research […]

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